Muggleborn ✖ Fourth Year 


  • Her parents are slightly uncomfortable with the DADA class, not wanting her to be exposed to dark magic even if it is for defense purposes.  They do not think that wizards and witches should be exposed to such a dangerous subject at a young age as they may not fully comprehend the damage it could cause to both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.
  • She was surprised to be put into Slytherin as she is completely muggle-born. Harmony is fully aware of her housemates’ prejudice against “mudbloods” and has been doing everything in her power to keep her origins a secret. 
  • Harmony knows, as did the Sorting Hat, that she will let nothing, and no one, stand in the way of her success. Her evident ambition is the main reason why no one has questioned her about her blood, most assuming that she comes from a magical background. 

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