Halfblood ✖ Fifth Year ✖ Seeker


  • Lost the use of his legs when his mother tried to learn how to operate a Muggle car and got into an accident. Neither doctors nor healers could help him regain feeling and movement in his legs.
  • Once he finally accepted that he would never walk again, Artie started spending more and more time on his broom as flying does not require the use of his legs. He is amongst the most skilled flyers at Hogwarts, impressing students and Professors alike with the stunts he is able to pull. He is the current Ravenclaw Seeker.
  • Artie is definitely interested in the ladies; however, he is also extremely insecure when it comes to approaching them romantically as he doesn’t see himself as good enough due to his chair. More often than not, his clumsy attempts at wooing witches go terribly wrong. 

Halfblood ✖ Fourth Year  


  • He knows he is extremely talented but is a bit too shy to let that talent shine. His self-consciousness often gets in the way and makes it difficult for him to come out of his shell.
  • Wade is going through an identity crisis, believing himself to be more Unique and that she would not be afraid to show her talent to everyone. Unfortunately, Wade has had a taste of the repercussions of being Unique, but on the rare occasion that she comes out it is easy to see that Wade is destined for greatness.  
  • This will be his first year at Hogwarts. He recently transferred from Beauxbatons because he tried to be Unique there and was ridiculed by his fellow students. 

Halfblood ✖ Fifth Year ✖ Prefect 


  • She is somewhat self-conscious about her heritage and has been known to use a color changing charm on her eyes.
  • Tina absolutely hates being in the background and hopes her prefect badge gets her some recognition this year. For the same reason, she is interested in joining the Glee club in the hopes that it will give her the chance to take center stage.
  • She is extremely fond of music and can play more than one instrument; her mother taught her how to play piano at a young age and she plays the cello for the Hogwarts Orchestra. One of her dreams is to follow in Professor Corcoran’s footsteps to conduct. 

Halfblood ✖ Fifth Year ✖ Prefect ✖ Chaser


  • When his family heard about an underground society starting up at Hogwarts, Mr. Evans asked for a transfer to northern Europe.  Once there, he enrolled Sam in Durmstrang.
  • Unfortunately, Mr. Evans soon learned that the dark arts were even more prevalent at Durmstrang, so he allowed Sam to re-enroll at Hogwarts, even though he and his wife are still living in Scandinavia.
  • Sam suffers from a Muggle disability known as dyslexia and struggles to keep good grades. He is better at practical subjects that require more wand work than theory. 

Muggleborn ✖ Fourth Year 


  • Rory was pleasantly delighted, along with his Muggle parents, to learn all about the Wizarding world. His letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a welcomed treat and, even today, his parents throw a small party on the anniversary of the day he received it.
  • He swears that witches have cast a spell on themselves to make them more attractive than Muggle girls. In same cases, his suspicions are true as the use of beautifying potions is becoming more and more popular.
  • He looks up to Sam and Puck as they are attractive ladies’ men and hopes they can help him in that area. It is not unusual to see Rory trailing behind either boy, trying to pick up and learn some of their tricks to sweep a young witch off her feet.

Halfblood ✖ Fourth Year 


  • Both his parents are Muggles, though his father’s family has wizarding blood. His great-great uncle no one likes to talk about was a wizard.
  • The Harts rely on their religious faith to get them through each day and choose to believe that witches and wizards do not exist. When his letter to Hogwarts came, his mother had to be consoled as they could no longer ignore the existence of the wizarding world.  
  • His parents are worried that Joe may lose his faith while at Hogwarts. Their fears are not unfounded as Joe is having trouble finding a healthy balance between religion and wizardry.

Muggleborn ✖ Sixth Year ✖ Quidditch Captain and Chaser


  • The sorting hat had considered putting him in Gryffindor.  However, upon seeing Finn’s desires to get ahead and caring more about himself than others at the time, it put him in Hufflepuff in the hopes that he could learn the loyalty the house was known for.
  • Though he has two left feet on the ground, he is incredibly capable in the air, being named Quidditch captain for his house during his 4th year. Worried, though, that Sam Evans may became a challenger for it.
  • His father was a soldier who was killed by dark wizards during the warring times, leaving his mother to raise him.  The two learned a lot about the wizarding world because of his father’s death.  Despite her unease when it comes to wizards (other than her son), she met Burt Hummel and got remarried, making Finn and Kurt half-brothers.

Halfblood ✖ Sixth Year ✖ Quidditch Captain and Keeper


  • Mercedes has a very in-your-face attitude that lends itself well to spell work. Her spells are always confident and rarely are mistakes made. As an obvious result, her best subjects are those that require a lot of wand work.
  • She likes to think of herself as blind when it comes to the different blood types. She couldn’t care less about who is a Pureblood or who has Muggles as parents. While she is a proud Gryffindor, Mercedes holds no prejudice against the other houses and would rather judge a person based on their character than where the Sorting Hat put them.
  • Her best friend is Kurt Hummel, though it took her a little while to accept that he was gay and was yet another guy who didn’t want her. There was a time when she mistook Kurt’s friendship for courtship, but it was not long before the two of them sorted out the confusion.

Pureblood ✖ Fifth Year ✖ Prefect


  • Her father is the current owner of the WWN (Wizarding Wireless Network), making him a very, very rich man, and her a very, very spoiled girl.
  • She is known for attempting to sneak her dog, Spice, into the castle at the beginning of term and after coming back from breaks, but she always gets caught and Spice has to be sent back home.
  • It is because of her that everyone has the journals.  She told her father that she wanted to be able to communicate with her friends more easily so he bought everyone he thought she should be communicating with a journal.

Muggleborn ✖ Fourth Year 


  • Her parents are slightly uncomfortable with the DADA class, not wanting her to be exposed to dark magic even if it is for defense purposes.  They do not think that wizards and witches should be exposed to such a dangerous subject at a young age as they may not fully comprehend the damage it could cause to both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds.
  • She was surprised to be put into Slytherin as she is completely muggle-born. Harmony is fully aware of her housemates’ prejudice against “mudbloods” and has been doing everything in her power to keep her origins a secret. 
  • Harmony knows, as did the Sorting Hat, that she will let nothing, and no one, stand in the way of her success. Her evident ambition is the main reason why no one has questioned her about her blood, most assuming that she comes from a magical background. 

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